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Mark Gungur

Mark Gungur is one of the most sought-after speakers on marriage and family in the country. Each year thousands of couples attend his Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage® seminars. His take on marriage issues is refreshingly free of both churchy and psychological lingo. Mark is pastor of Celebration Church in Green Bay, WI. He speaks for churches, civic events, and business meetings and is even a speaker for the US Army. Mark has been featured on national broadcasts such as Focus on the Family and ABC News. His daily Better Marriage Minute program is heard on over 250 radio stations nationwide, and The Mark Gungor Show is heard daily from 10-11am CST and via podcast on iTunes.

Steve Jobs

“Great White Heaven”

San Diego’s Fisherman’s Landing to a perfect morning at Isla Guadalupe. Some of our dive crew had come as far as New Mexico, New Jersey, Chicago and France. My favorite team so far were the Kelly Brothers, two military doctors who were looking for a quick vacation between deployments. After a hearty breakfast, shark operations had begun off the stern, cages were in the water and our dive master was taking money and bets as to when the first shark would show up. I put down $20.00 on 11.30, about two hours from now. To my surprise and shock not three minutes later the call went out “shark!”

San Diego that night. Most divers, exhausted from 4 days on board were enjoying a beer in the galley and reviewing moments caught on tape. Sharks who had “tasted” our cages, others who came up for hang baits so quickly they left the water briefly only to splash down like Humpback whales. There was even a clip of me battling a 60 pound Yellowfin Tuna with fishing pole in hand on the bow only to have it neatly bitten in half by a 15 foot white shark as it slid effortlessly from underneath the boat. You had to give that shark credit, it knew when an easy meal was available.

Isla Guadalupe remains one of the best adventures I have done in a long time, memories of great whites, and new friends are still fresh months later. Recently I took my girlfriend out to a French restaurant, I had to suppress the urge to ask our waiter to say, “ see zeh mahgificent greaht white, it’s silky flanks”…one of these days though!

Patric Douglas,

Isla de Guadalupe is the last pristine hold out for pacific Great Whites, it's discovery and relative ease in which divers can view these animals in 100ft visibility is changing the common notion that divers can find them primarily in South African or Australian waters.

The Boss

One day a man goes to a pet shop to buy a parrot. The assistant takes the man to the parrot section and asks the man to choose one. The man asks, ''How much is the yellow one?''
The assistant says, ''$2000.'' The man is shocked and asks the assistant why it's so expensive. The assistant explains, ''This parrot is a very special one. He knows typewriting and can type really fast.''
''What about the green one?'' the man asks.
The assistant says, ''He costs $5000 because he knows typewriting and can answer incoming telephone calls and takes notes.''
''What about the red one?'' the man asks.
The assistant says, ''That one's $10,000.''
The man says, ''What does HE do?''
The assistant says, ''I don't know, but the other two call him boss.''


Expectant fathers

Four expectant fathers pace in a hospital waiting room while their wives are in labor. The nurse enters and tells the first man, "Congratulations, you're the father of twins."
"What a coincidence," the man says. "I work for the Minnesota Twins baseball team."
A little later, the nurse returns and tells the second man, "You are the father of triplets."
"That's really an incredible coincidence," he answers. "I work for the 3M Corporation."
An hour later, the nurse tells the third man that his wife has just given birth to quadruplets.
The man says, "I don't believe it! I work for the Four Seasons. What a coincidence."
After hearing this, everyone's attention turns to the fourth guy who has just fainted. He slowly regains consciousness and whispers, "I should have never taken that job at Millennium Computers."